Care Information

Please do not bring
nut or food containing nut products

Each child needs these items on every visit:

  • Piece of fruit or vegetables* for morning / afternoon tea
  • Nappies or change of underwear
  • Change of clothing, plus sun hat
  • Bottle (milk / formula) if required
  • Dummy if required
  • A healthy lunch in a labelled box
  • Cot sheets and blanket if your child needs a nap
The centre provides light refreshments for morning and afternoon tea. Please do not bring junk food such as chocolates, lollies or chips.

*Fruit and veggie platters are served twice daily at Kidsnest. Can families please ensure that they bring along a piece of fruit per day and place in the fruit bowl which will be shared amongst the children throughout the day. Due to health regulations we are unable to serve fruit that has been removed from its original wrappings, e.g. watermelon or pre-cut at home.

Settling your Child into Care

Please visit the centre with your child to familiarise him/her with the environment. Gradually increasing the length of your child's visit will help him/her adjust easily to the centre. Before leaving your child at the centre, tell him/her where you are going and when you will return.


Please sign the in and out form on arrival and departure. Your child will not be permitted to leave the centre with a person unless the Centre has written permission from the child's parent / guardian. Any authorised person collecting your child will be asked for a photo ID.

Late Fee

It is essential that your child be collected by the designated time as per the booking to ensure that appropriate care ratios are provided at all times. If no prior arrangements to extend the booked time have been made with centre educators, a late fee of $10.00 per child will apply should the child be collected after their booked time during the day. If the child is collected late at the end of the day a late fee of $15.00 per child for every 5 minutes after 4pm will apply.

Bookings and Cancellations

Bookings must be cancelled or changes need to be completed before 8 am the morning of booking, Cancellations can be made via email or phone message on (02) 9436 4118 . If notice is not received before 8 am the morning of your booking fees will be charged for the full booking schedule.

Two weeks (2) notice of regular booking cancellations is required. If the regular position is not filled with a replacement booking then full fees are charged.

Bookings can be made up to 4 weeks in advance via telephone / in person or via email.

Here at Kidsnest we provide a stimulating educational program for children, Educators plan these learning experiences based on individual children interests and needs. We provide experiences that match the children's needs, interests and stages of development. The program is made up of all the activities, learning experiences, routines and educators/child interactions. The program is based on individual and group needs and interests. To establish these things educators make careful observations of the children over periods of time and then analyse and interpret the observations. Experiences are then created for the children based on these observations and the child's development level.

Parent Communication

Strong Kidsnest - parent communication is vital for our continued success in providing the best care for all children. Please feel free to speak with educators at any time about your child's daily visit or if you have any particular concerns regarding your child please speak directly with our Authorised Supervisor.

Our parent noticeboard, located in the main playroom, will update you on daily happenings.


Legislation requires that parents enrolling their children provide an official up to date Medicare immunisation report. We require a copy of the Medicare statement, we can not accept the blue book. We recognise that immunisation is not compulsory and that the decision is yours. However, if an outbreak of a vaccine-preventable disease occurs at the centre, un-immunised children will not be permitted to attend the centre for the duration of the outbreak.

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