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The Educators are comprised of:

  • Teaching/ Coordinator Bachelor Teaching Early Childhood
  • Diploma Early Childhood Educator
  • Certificate 3 Early Childhood Educator
Our educators have all been chosen for their qualifications and experience in early childhood. Educators are all very approachable and happy to speak with you about your child's progress at the centre at any time. All educators have access to current information and resources on Early Childhood Education by attending training and development courses, inservices and all staff hold current First Aid, asthma and anaphylaxis certificates.

Management Committee

Kidsnest is a non-profit community running early education and care service. The role of the Parent Management Committee is to oversee the work and activities of the Centre.

President: The President's role is to chair meetings, prepare the agenda, to ensure correct procedures are followed and to liaise with the Director and Community groups. They are also responsible for overseeing the sub committees.

Vice President: The role of the Vice President is to assist the President with their duties and to act as President in the event of the President absence.

Treasurer: The role of the Treasurer is to maintain accurate records of income and expenditure, prepare monthly statements for committee meetings, organise accounts for the yearly audit, prepare the yearly budget to pay the accounts and staff wages.

Secretary: The role of the secretary is to assist the President in drawing up the meeting agenda, keep minutes and maintain records.

Fund Raising Co-ordinator: The role of the Fund Raising Co-ordinator is to organise and co-ordinate fund raising events and to oversee the work of their team. They are also responsible for collecting and banking funds that are raised.

Committee Members: The role of a Committee Member is to support office bearers and to attend monthly meetings, to move, second and vote on motions and to participate in sub committees as required.


The centre is a non-profit community based early education and care service. The Department of Education NSW government minimally funds our service. Fundraising is an integral part of the centre's annual budget, viability and helps the centre to maintain competitive rates and Membership fees.

We would appreciate your support and time in ensuring the success of fundraising activities, so vital to the continuation of the centre's high standards.

Parent Involvement

We encourage parental involvement at any time. Children enjoy and appreciate their parents involvement with the centre. Please consider joining the management committee, the fundraising committee, repairing equipment, sewing or sharing any other skills you have.

6 weeks - 5 years | Casual or Regular bookings | One hour to the whole day

Crows Nest Community Centre
2 Ernest Place
Crows Nest NSW 2065

  (02) 9436 4118
  8:30 am to 4:00 pm
      Monday to Friday

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